Renter’s Insurance

Protect Yourself with Renters Insurance

If you rent a house or apartment, protecting yourself and your valuables is very important and in some cases might be required by your landlords. Imagine what would happen if your apartment were broken into and valuable items were stolen? Could you easily replace them? Purchasing renters insurance through Checkout Auto Insurance you will be protecting yourself against damage caused by fires, burglary, storms and other causes of loos to your property.

Personal Property: The cost to replace or repair your personal property can be very high. Protecting it helps your recoup from these unforeseen costs and protects your belonging should they be damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Many people fail to realize that their personal belongings are not covered under their landlord’s insurance.

Personal Liability: Common liability claims against renters include fire and smoke damage. Injuries to someone in your apartment from trips and falls are another example of liability claims. Hospital bills, medical expenses, legal costs, all could be covered in your renters insurance.

Loss of Use: In the event that you are unable to reside in your apartment due to damages or ongoing renovations, renters

Did you know?

On average a typical two-bedroom apartment contains roughly thirty thousand worth of items. Don’t underestimate the value of your possessions and suffer the costs to replace them. Call Checkout Auto Insurance today to discuss available options and your needs for best protection on your renters insurance.